you can manage and control prepress from anywhere with internet connection 7/24

The cargo age for print transfer is over
(at least for WPC Company)

No more cargo necessity for the WPC customers to send the completed designs of the jobs. No more sending out vehicles or employing personnel for the job. No more burning on a CD.

All is very easy for our customer accessing On-line with the exclusive password. The completed design either in PDF or in TIFF format, is under the control of WPC after being uploaded. The job which is controlled regarding the sufficiency of both printing specifications and size and cover specifications, is in the program and on its journey of being printed as soon as it is approved by WPC standards.

Once the jobs are recorded and saved in the database, it is controlled by the program and checked for any errors. Any errors found are marked by the program and both the customer and the personnel in charge are informed. Thus, any decrease in performance due to lack of coordination is avoided.